On-Demand CME Webcast

World’s most advanced mobile & online educational Webcast solutions for medical societies

    With MULTIWEBCAST, your organization has the ability to create high-impact and true eLearning content out of your conference’s recorded webcasts.

    We take pride in producing webcasted presentations that are visually as perfect as a television production and in addition optimized for educational use. We provide our clients with the option to quickly transform selected presentations from their conference webcasts into truly interactive online accredited courses.

    All webcasts we produced are animated and fun to watch. We reproduce all laser pointer movements done by the speakers so that when they say “as you can see here…” the viewer can follow along with ease, we show the speaker full screen in HD when he/she addresses the audience and much more. Basically, we do everything we can to increase the level of attention of end-users online to increase the value of your educational service offering.

    MULTIWEBCAST: A pioneer entity in medical conference webcast

    SEARCH’N BUILD™ & INDEX’N BUILD™ (US patent pending)

    MULTIWEBCAST is the world’s first webcast company which provides the ability for end-users to extract content from different presentations based on either keywords matches or precise topic selection and stitches them together.Those unique features allow users to create their very own highlights on the fly!

    TALKS on the GO™ iPad/iPhone and Android App

    To be ahead and meet the evolving needs of health professionals who wish to access educational webcasts on their mobile phones and tablets, MULTIWEBCAST has developed «TALKS on the GOTM », the most advanced and spectacular iPad/iPhone and Android Webcast App!

    Learning Quizzes

    MULTIWEBCAST Learning Quizzes provide end-users with right answers supported by playing precise slides of presentations; what an ideal way to complete an accredited course online to increase the level of knowledge/understanding!This is also the most cost efficient educational tool to produce eLearning.


    In 2015, MULTIWEBCAST will fully deploy its « MULTIWEBCAST Producer HD », the world’s first video production software developed specifically to speed up the production of high-end educational webcasts out of recordings of conference sessions.

    Our meticulous attention to details while keeping at the forefront of the latest technologies ensures that every finished webcast (accredited or not) is as unique as it is high-quality.